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Slowing Down for a While

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by Miserere


Paris Hilton New CD Presentation

My faithful readers (all 3 of you) will have noticed the dearth of posts recently. The reason is I have been busy with a project you can see in the photo above. Paris Hilton released her latest album, Glamorous, last week, and to my surprise, my mug was on the cover! To be fair, the album will be available with 5 different covers, each one the face of an unknown artist, so it’s not just me. I submitted my two photos for the competition as a joke, but it seems Paris liked one of them (it’s the one I use as an avatar on many photo forums) and I got picked. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks signing legal papers and things like that.

To cut a long story short, I will be away for the next few months touring the US in support of the album, even appearing on-stage with the other 4 winners performing as back-up dancers for Paris. It’s all very exciting, especially since I was born with two left feet; but we’re all starting dance lessons next Monday.

I might write a post now and then, so don’t forget me completely, and I do promise to return. You will only experience a temporary lapse of service, which means you shouldn’t delete me from you bookmarks.

In the meantime, why not browse through the EtL archives? There are plenty of articles to be read.

Take care, and take photos!



What The Duck Giggles #2

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by Miserere


No words needed 🙂

What the Duck #769

©Aaron Johnson.

F-BoM August 2009: Urban Creative

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by Miserere


Featured Blog of the Month: Urban Creative


Most photographers I know, myself included, spend too much time obsessing over lens sharpness, chromatic aberrations, interpolation methods, and myriad other things that don’t make our photography any better. Then there are those, like Kappii, who delight in the process of taking pictures and draw joy from experimenting with film developing.

Urban Creative

Have you ever thought of throwing leaves or plastic cling wrap on your negative? How about nail varnish? Random double exposure, maybe? If it sounds weird or downright barmy, Kappii has done it. It ain’t called Urban Creative fer nuttin’.

Urban Creative

Whereas you or I may think a $3,000 DSLR is the only camera capable of producing adequate photos, Kappii goes out into the city with a toy camera that costs less than your lens cap.

Urban Creative

What I love about her blog, apart from her pictures, is her contagious enthusiasm for Photography, with a capital P. Not the equipment, not the sharpness of the image or other superfluous aspects, but the act of taking, developing, and making photographs. Whenever I need some inspiration for my own photography, I go check Kappii’s blog to see what she’s up to and what crazy stunt she’s pulled on her negatives this time.

Urban Creative

All photos: ©Kappii Do Photography.