Slowing Down for a While

by Miserere


Paris Hilton New CD Presentation

My faithful readers (all 3 of you) will have noticed the dearth of posts recently. The reason is I have been busy with a project you can see in the photo above. Paris Hilton released her latest album, Glamorous, last week, and to my surprise, my mug was on the cover! To be fair, the album will be available with 5 different covers, each one the face of an unknown artist, so it’s not just me. I submitted my two photos for the competition as a joke, but it seems Paris liked one of them (it’s the one I use as an avatar on many photo forums) and I got picked. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks signing legal papers and things like that.

To cut a long story short, I will be away for the next few months touring the US in support of the album, even appearing on-stage with the other 4 winners performing as back-up dancers for Paris. It’s all very exciting, especially since I was born with two left feet; but we’re all starting dance lessons next Monday.

I might write a post now and then, so don’t forget me completely, and I do promise to return. You will only experience a temporary lapse of service, which means you shouldn’t delete me from you bookmarks.

In the meantime, why not browse through the EtL archives? There are plenty of articles to be read.

Take care, and take photos!



19 Responses to “Slowing Down for a While”

  1. Haha, that’s cool πŸ™‚ We’ll still be here when you come back! Take all the time you need.

  2. Am I an addition to your 3? Anyways…that’s pretty fun to go on a tour because Paris liked your face! Have a good time!

  3. Its all exposure… Take some great shots while on tour and congrats.

  4. Great Stuff, you can do some pre tour homework by watching some of her videos………!!!!!

  5. Ha ha ha!

    I almost bought this until I realised that it is Fergie who has a record called Glamorous, not Paris Hilton. Thank God I’m so on top of today’s hip pop music, eh folk?

  6. Well, I made the ”mistake” of googling ”Paris Hilton glamor”…Oh MY EYES, MY EYES…I wish I did not have on my new glasses…Oh my EYES…

  7. You, too? I was wondering who the others were–are they all pentaxians?

  8. Nice try. I almost bought it.


  9. All I can say, is: “That’s Hot.” That and I hope you bring spare earplugs because people may want to steal them from you.

  10. so if you submitted it as a joke, and _she_ chose you, is the joke on you now? πŸ˜€

  11. What can be said, Mis, have a blast!

  12. You’ve provided the ideal subterfuge for big-hairy-paris-hilton-loving men to buy her album. Who would suspect given such a cover?! πŸ™‚

    Congrats Mis, and enjoy the free dance classes πŸ™‚

  13. Thank you very much – photofunia is really nice site. Another site like this is – they make a new effect every day!

  14. You need a little sheen and glare on the CD so it looks more plastic πŸ™‚ But otherwise you had me until the bit about being away on tour promoting the album.

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