Top 10 Signs You Suffer from LBA*

by Peter Zack

  1. Your Ebay search folder is maxed out at 100 searches and you just found a new ‘must have’ lens to search for. You don’t know what other ‘must have’ lens search you will delete to save the new one.
  2. On your favourite forum, six of you are debating the bokeh smoothness of the three 28mm lenses currently available. The debate lasts for 14 pages over 6 days with each of you deciding to just buy all three to test them yourselves.
  3. You now have more camera bags than you can carry at one time.  One for the wide primes, one for the mid primes, one for the….
  4. You sold your mint condition Vivitar 70-210 Series 1 V3 lens last year and just now bought another one because, 9 weeks ago, you had a perfect opportunity to use only that lens.
  5. You haven’t taken a macro shot in 12 months but you have the 2 best macro lenses ever built and there’s another one due to be released in 3 weeks, that you have already researched every specification available and preordered at B&H.
  6. Photozone is your home page.
  7. Speed dial #1 is B&H, speed dial #2 is Adorama and speed dial #3 is FedEx tracking.
  8. The guy at the flower shop knows you by name since you are in there about every three weeks to buy another bouquet of apologies.
  9. You’ve moved closer to the city just to have overnight delivery.
  10. You see a wonderful photograph and instead of just sitting in awe of the incredible work presented, you want to ask the artist which lens they used to capture the image.


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Let’s hear yours! Go to the contact page and e-mail us your LBA reasons (or just leave a comment to this article).

Cheers and good shooting. – Peter Zack

*LBA: Lens Buyers Addiction (which s often accompanied by GAS- Gear Buyers Syndrome) and the term was coined here.

11 Responses to “Top 10 Signs You Suffer from LBA*”

  1. Most of your photos are either photos of lenses or brick walls and you’re looking for a better “lens portrait” lens.

  2. Hehe, Peter. Spot on with all the reasonings.

    I think there is not much to write after your article here.

    I do think that you might want to consult Jim King for some other dubious reasons of LBA. He might have some answers that would make us smash our own chest in envy 🙂

    One more sign I could add is to buy UV filters instead of spending the money of getting flowers. After all, flowers wither!

    • I’ve never really understood this LBA thing, TBH… I mean, apart from bundled kit zooms, I’ve only bought four lenses in the years 15+ years since I bought my first (film) SLR… Am I a freak…? 🙂

      Still, I do seem to be strangely attracted to brick walls after a few beers, so maybe I’ll start showing more of the symptoms of LBA in later life… 😉

  3. We are like kids, we do want our toys, the difference between kids and us is the price of our toys!

  4. You spend more time reading about, shopping for, and thinking about lenses than actually taking pictures. Of course it is easier to do these things late at night or when you should be working.

  5. You’re on revision 34 (and counting) of your lens-buying roadmap even though you haven’t yet saved enough to buy a DSLR to put the lenses on.

    Your lens-buying plans include over 75% of the current lenses for your chosen system, plus a few that you hope their R&D people are thinking about to fill in the gaps in the lineup.

  6. Andrew; spot on. I’ve been obsessing about the FA 50 f/1.4 cause of this one event coming up and I keep asking myself will I really use it after that???
    Does my answer really matter?! I kinda had the go-ahead from my wife to get it… but I need to make sure it’s not a trap…

  7. As to number 2… I swear it wasn’t all about the bokeh. Besides, I am going to sell some of the 28mm… maybe.

    And as to brick walls… check out my last two Flickr postings here:

    Guilty as charged!

  8. You maintain an equipment list to keep track of your lenses.

    Your equipment list is organized by Series (S-M-C, SMC, K, M, A, F, FA, DA) then by prime/zoom, then by focal length.

    Your third-party equipment lists are organized the same way.


    On almost any lens discussion thread you can open a Reply, “I had that lens in . . . but I sold it. (True LBA sufferers can add, “Then I bought it again.”)

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