F-BoM August 2009: Urban Creative

by Miserere


Featured Blog of the Month: Urban Creative


Most photographers I know, myself included, spend too much time obsessing over lens sharpness, chromatic aberrations, interpolation methods, and myriad other things that don’t make our photography any better. Then there are those, like Kappii, who delight in the process of taking pictures and draw joy from experimenting with film developing.

Urban Creative

Have you ever thought of throwing leaves or plastic cling wrap on your negative? How about nail varnish? Random double exposure, maybe? If it sounds weird or downright barmy, Kappii has done it. It ain’t called Urban Creative fer nuttin’.

Urban Creative

Whereas you or I may think a $3,000 DSLR is the only camera capable of producing adequate photos, Kappii goes out into the city with a toy camera that costs less than your lens cap.

Urban Creative

What I love about her blog, apart from her pictures, is her contagious enthusiasm for Photography, with a capital P. Not the equipment, not the sharpness of the image or other superfluous aspects, but the act of taking, developing, and making photographs. Whenever I need some inspiration for my own photography, I go check Kappii’s blog to see what she’s up to and what crazy stunt she’s pulled on her negatives this time.

Urban Creative

All photos: ©Kappii Do Photography.


4 Responses to “F-BoM August 2009: Urban Creative”

  1. When I was in junior college I was fortunate enough to work in the journalism department as a photographer for the school newspaper and annual staff. They had a modest darkroom but a fairly decent budget for supplies so we were able to purchase as much paper and film as we desired. That was the most fun I’ve ever had as a photographer as not having to worry about cost allowed us to do whatever zanny creative thought that ever crossed our mind.

    • Fun is what photography should be for us, right? 🙂

      Sadly, I arrived too late to do any film developing myself, but I can imagine I would have enjoyed it as I’m a hands-on type of person and enjoy “experimenting”. Maybe one day…

  2. I know people will disagree on this, but there is still something about film that digital simply can’t touch!

  3. I love the F-BoM post as I can really get inspired from different photographer. And I really love the work of Kappii, very unique. I especially like her assessment to lens not just from sharpness point of view. Her b&w photos are inspirational to others.

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