15 Lies about Photography

by Miserere


I thought I would follow up my previous article, 15 Truths about Photography, with one focusing on common lies, errors and misconceptions that get thrown around in forums and photography gatherings world wide. I’m sure you’ll recognise many of them. I’m preparing an article explaining why each assertion is not true, but feel free to question my choices in the comments section.

  1. You can fix it later in Photoshop.
  2. Long focal length lenses have a shallower depth of field.*
  3. Full-frame DSLRs are better than APS-C DSLRs.
  4. Film is better than digital.
  5. Digital is better than film.
  6. Film is dead.
  7. Digital is dead.
  8. I only take photos for myself.
  9. Real photographers shoot JPEG.
  10. The only way to make great photographs is by using the most expensive equipment. (Corollary: you can’t make good photographs with a P&S.)
  11. I take pretty landscape and flower pictures, and that qualifies me to shoot a wedding.
  12. Real photographers don’t have websites.
  13. The pop-up flash is useless.
  14. You need at least 12 megapixels if you plan to make 8×10 prints.
  15. Photography blogs suck.

*: This is actually true at medium to large distances from your subject (see the article linked below for clarification).

You might like to read Justifying 15 Lies about Photography after reading this list, to know what was going through my mind.

19 Responses to “15 Lies about Photography”

  1. Nailed it once again. 🙂

  2. You are good!! So true….

  3. Absolutely true! Nice!

  4. Ewan O'Sullivan Says:

    Nice – but you forgot the counter-argument to no. 9, “You have to shoot RAW to make great photographs”.

  5. What do u do, dream this stuff up 😉
    Very good.

    I guess i can hold of on the leica after all 😉

    • What do u do, dream this stuff up 😉

      Javier, all this stuff are statements I’ve read on the internet or heard from other photographers and store clerks. I didn’t have to make any of it up! 😆

  6. This is very interesting. It is true that photography shop assistants often practice witchcraft that say whatever they feel like to.

    A good list 🙂

  7. I know mis, I am just giving you a hard time 🙂

  8. Great list… I question number 8 however. What if I only shoot for myself?

  9. Thanks for that clear explain. This post has helped me make the right choice when buying a camera.

  10. Can you elaborate on #2? Thats not been my experience so what am I missing here?

  11. “Full-frame DSLRs are better than APS-C DSLRs.”
    My only quibble with this:
    Moving up from a digital P&S where I can compose my images on a nice 2.5 inch screen to a minuscule, dimly lit viewfinder of an APS-C DSLR felt like the fall of the Roman empire and the fall in the dark ages. Moving up to the bright, nice viewfinder of a full frame DSLR is a Renaissance.

  12. Nice work, Mis. Concerning number 10, I was reading somewhere recently where this person was taking a photography class. She said that week in and week out, the best pictures were taken by some guy who used a pin hole in a Bud Lite can. It is indeed the photographer, not the camera.

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