Don’t Post Your Photos on Facebook!

by Miserere


logo_facebookAccording to their Terms & Conditions, any photos you post will be owned by them, forever. Read more here, here, here, here, here

Just spreading the word.

6 Responses to “Don’t Post Your Photos on Facebook!”

  1. As of this morning. Due to much negative press, they have admitted their mistake and put the old Terms of Use/Service back in place until they can write a better one.

  2. I wonder what exactly pushed them to make such an odd change in the ToS.

  3. After they ‘tried’ to slide this by, once – and got bad press for it – makes you wonder what they’ll do next. It’s a sign not to trust these websites with personal information.

    Don’t blindly hand away your rights, folks.

  4. In addition to all that, they look like poop there. I think they apply mega-compression & suboptimal resizing automaniacally.

  5. I am looking to promote myself and my photography. Facebook is a free website and at this time seemed to be the most feasable way to do so. I had heard about them owning any and all photographic postings and belive that since they did not make the work and are just a forum they have no right to own the work or hold the copyright. Is there a better website to post and promote my work that will allow me to still be the “owner” of my work?

    • Lily, I think Flickr would be a better vehicle for showcasing your photos. If you’re thinking of selling prints, then SmugMug or Zenfolio both offer a good hosting and ordering service, although for a price.

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