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10 Little Known Facts from the World of Photography

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by Miserere


  1. The word “Photography” was coined in 1839 by British mathematician and astronomer Sir John Frederick William Herschel (son of Sir Frederick William Herschel, discoverer of the planet Uranus). Hershel also coined the terms “negative” and “positive” as they apply to Photography. You can see a splendid portrait of him here.
  2. You can’t take a bad portrait of a lion.
  3. While the Leica brand is famously identified with Germany, they have also built cameras in Canada and Portugal.
  4. The single-lens reflex photographic camera (SLR) was invented in 1861 by Thomas Sutton, a native of Jersey (one of the Channel Islands)—it was a large format camera. The first 35mm SLR developed was the Soviet Union’s Спорт (“Sport”), from 1934. Because it wasn’t marketed until 1937, Germany’s Kine Exakta became the first 35mm SLR to be sold when it hit shops in 1936. Asia’s first SLR, the Asahiflex, was introduced in 1952 by Japan’s Asahi Optical Corporation (later to become Pentax).
  5. Around 1888, a Mr George Eastman, of Rochester, New York, decided he needed a unique name for his expanding company. In his own words: I devised the name myself. The letter ‘K’ had been a favorite with me — it seems a strong, incisive sort of letter. It became a question of trying out a great number of combinations of letters that made words starting and ending with ‘K.’ The word ‘Kodak’ is the result.
  6. Professional portrait photographers never ask their subjects to say cheese when posing them for a photo, what they are actually mumbling under their breath is please pay for this session, pleeeease…
  7. Nobody knows why East Asian girls make the peace sign when they pose for photos. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a Flickr Group for it.
  8. Henri Cartier-Bresson once asked Marilyn Monroe to “bless” his camera before a photo shoot. She acquiesced by placing her bum on it. I did not make this up!
  9. People in the 19th century didn't like being photographed, which is why they are all so serious in those old photographs. Actually, those images were Daguerreotypes, and it took 10-20 minutes to expose a plate—try holding a smile for that long!.
  10. The first portable, compact camera for the masses that did away with the need for a mule to carry photographic supplies was the Kodak Brownie. It was introduced in 1900 at a cost of $1, which is equivalent to around $26 in today’s money.

Top 10 Signs You Suffer from LBA*

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by Peter Zack

  1. Your Ebay search folder is maxed out at 100 searches and you just found a new ‘must have’ lens to search for. You don’t know what other ‘must have’ lens search you will delete to save the new one.
  2. On your favourite forum, six of you are debating the bokeh smoothness of the three 28mm lenses currently available. The debate lasts for 14 pages over 6 days with each of you deciding to just buy all three to test them yourselves.
  3. You now have more camera bags than you can carry at one time.  One for the wide primes, one for the mid primes, one for the….
  4. You sold your mint condition Vivitar 70-210 Series 1 V3 lens last year and just now bought another one because, 9 weeks ago, you had a perfect opportunity to use only that lens.
  5. You haven’t taken a macro shot in 12 months but you have the 2 best macro lenses ever built and there’s another one due to be released in 3 weeks, that you have already researched every specification available and preordered at B&H.
  6. Photozone is your home page.
  7. Speed dial #1 is B&H, speed dial #2 is Adorama and speed dial #3 is FedEx tracking.
  8. The guy at the flower shop knows you by name since you are in there about every three weeks to buy another bouquet of apologies.
  9. You’ve moved closer to the city just to have overnight delivery.
  10. You see a wonderful photograph and instead of just sitting in awe of the incredible work presented, you want to ask the artist which lens they used to capture the image.


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Let’s hear yours! Go to the contact page and e-mail us your LBA reasons (or just leave a comment to this article).

Cheers and good shooting. – Peter Zack

*LBA: Lens Buyers Addiction (which s often accompanied by GAS- Gear Buyers Syndrome) and the term was coined here.

Top 10 Reasons Ebay Will Drive You Nuts

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by Peter Zack


  1. The thing you have been looking for the past 3 years is in another country. The seller will not ship it to your location no matter how much you offer to pay. All your friends living in that country return from vacation 2 days after it closes.
  2. An auction for a Canon 50mm lens. The seller is a professional photographer but can only provide 3 photos, One is a stock photo and the other 2 are so fuzzy that they look like balls of yarn. The word “Minty” is used 18 times to describe said ball of yarn that appears to be a Canon EF 50mm f/1.0L USM with a BIN of $1299. Do you go for it?
  3. The seller claims he knows nothing about the lens but declares it takes great pictures and will work fine on your camera. He says he can’t offer any details on the condition other than it looks like new but will not be around during the auction to answer emails.
  4. The seller has the dream lens that is so rare you’d sell your car to get it but doesn’t know the mount. There are 6 pictures of the front of the lens and 2 close ups of the rear with a generic rear cap firmly in place.
  5. The seller answers your critical questions 3 minutes after the auction closes even though you emailed 6 times over 3 days.
  6. The seller Lists the item at a reasonable ‘Buy it now’ with $137 in shipping plus a $25 handling charge and he lives in a state close enough that it would cost you $65 in gas and tolls to pick it up.
  7. The seller has the rarest camera body from Leica and wants a reasonable price but refuses to post or email pictures. You just know it was run over by a truck.
  8. The auction arrives and the Vivitar series 1 135mm f1.8 macro is actually an Albinar 135mm f8.
  9. The Canon L 70-200mm f2.8 EF USM shows a picture the size of a pencil eraser and the sellers comments are stock off the site. You email asking condition and get “sory dont spek Engrish” in response 2 minutes before closing… The lens sells for $329.
  10. The best deal since Ansel Adams shot pictures, arrives in your auto search emails. It’s spelled “Nikkon Camrea” in the title. You are so excited that you’ll be the only one who will see this one. You click on the link and one of 2 things happen 1) It’s sold as a BIN 2 minutes before, while you were cleaning the toilet 2) You bookmark the auction to place that last minute bid and 2 hours before the end of the auction, the listing is pulled with the price at $124 on a D3.


Bonus: “5 More Nuts”

  1. You have a great item to sell and there have been none listed for months. The day you list, 6 others suddenly appear and 3 have ridiculously low BIN’s.
  2. You’re not a sports fan. You list your great lens for sale. The listing took hours to get just right and it’s going to do well. You can just feel it. On the morning it closes, you realize that the close time is going to happen with 2 minutes to go at the end of the Superbowl.
  3. You’ve been watching that great auction for the Sony A900. You’ve got the bid ready to go. 2 windows open on the computer, one to watch the time and the other with the bid ready. 15 seconds to go, you hit ‘Confirm’ and the browser hangs for 16 seconds.
  4. You grab a great estate auction for $12 and list it on Ebay. When it closes at $14, You scratch your head at the closing price until you discover that Pentex is spelled Pentax.
  5. You just bought and paid for a Pentax Takumar SMC 85mm f1.8. You are really excited to be finally getting a great new portrait lens. You spent every dime you had left this month. A couple days later you decide to check 85mm lenses to be sure the price was fair and there’s a ‘Mint’ Pentax FA*85mm f1.4 with a BIN @ $599.


Let’s hear yours! Go to the contact page and e-mail us your reasons why Ebay drives you nuts (or just leave a comment to this article). We’d love to hear what you think and make some additions to this list. With enough good ones we’ll create a new list with the appropriate credit back to you!