Street Photography in Boston

by Miserere


Bookended by kisses—no words, just pictures. Taken in and around Boston yesterday, Saturday October 10th, 2009.


Miserere - Love and Life on the Subway (Boston T)


Miserere - T Station in Cambridge


Miserere - Cafeteria in Boston's North End


Miserere - Boston's North End


Miserere - On the Boston T


Miserere - At the Holocaust Memorial in Boston


Miserere - A Kiss on Cross St, Boston

15 Responses to “Street Photography in Boston”

  1. Perez Christina Says:

    nie photography

  2. Perez Christina Says:

    I mean *nice*

  3. Street Photographer Says:

    Great shots, especially the bookends!

  4. An exceptionally captivating set of images. The “bookends” are especially engaging.

  5. Again, you know when to capture the moment, wasn’t that a slogan? Two of those that you submitted to Pentaxium World Pentax Day are really attracting clicks from readers and Pentax users. That style will never go away.

  6. Of all the wonderful images I have seen from you, these are my favorites! thumbs up!

  7. Wow Miz! Nice shots!!! The Fire Escapes really took me by surprise!

  8. I agree. The bookend are the strongest of the bunch.

  9. Stunning stuff Mis!


  10. Ewan O'Sullivan Says:

    These are awesome – the first is the most impressive to me, but the tattooed arm is excellent as well!

  11. I like both kissers, the first is probably my favourite, something about the blond girl looking envious.
    The fire ladders is another strong image.

    BTW: You’re bookmarked 🙂

  12. Superb shots, the kind of street shooting I would love to be able to do myself. 🙂

  13. I know I said it already, but that first image is stunning!!!!
    I would actually buy it.

  14. Sune /Jonson PL Says:

    You mean, you took all these great shots in one day ?!?

    I thought it a compilation of your favorite work, or some challenge you had given yourself

    Sune / Jonson PL

    • You mean, you took all these great shots in one day ?!?

      Yep, all in one day. Funny thing is, I wasn’t even that inspired when I set out; I was spending the day sightseeing with some friends who were visiting, so I was more preoccupied with them than with taking photographs. Maybe I should stop concentrating and worrying about what I’m doing when I’m out photographing 🙂

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