Photographer Stereotypes LOL

by Miserere


It’s no coincidence that when I started this blog and created the list of blogs on the sidebar, one of the first to be added was Gordon Lewis’s Shutterfinger. The guy is smart, direct, and a great photographer. From a few e-mails I’ve crossed with him, I know he’s also a nice bloke. What I didn’t know is that he’s funny too.

What type of photographer you are can be determined by the lenses you use. Are you a Purist, a Prime Fetishist? Maybe some other type? Find out which one in Gordon’s article.

3 Responses to “Photographer Stereotypes LOL”

  1. I just finished reading the article and how wonderful and true it is!.

  2. I am a zoom fetishist, as I like to travel lightly most of the time. I’ll pick whichever one of my 3 zooms that will be most appropriate for whatever I’m shooting–most often, it’s the Canon L24-105/4 IS. For vacations, I tend to be more of a lugger, as I don’t want to miss anything, especially the more expensive the vacation is. 🙂

  3. I’m a serious dedicated lugger, but with almost only primes. 2 bodies (1 with a battery pack), 8 lenses, from 17mm to 500mm (including a homemade macro thingy), 3 flashes, 2 flash brackets, 2 BIG tripods, various reflectors, cleaning kit, 2 portable hard drives, 2 sling bags, a photographers vest, an AK47, and a very sore shoulder.

    I think a change is in order. 🙂

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