Yashica EZ F521 Available for Preorder

by Miserere


Yashica  EZ F521
Indeed, the Yashica EZ F521 is available for preorder from Japan Exposures, a reputable online store/magazine/blog/review site run by Dirk Rösler. Even if you don’t buy anything, I recommend you take a look around and read some of the articles there. If you like classic Japanese cameras, there’s a lot to enjoy.

But back to my new street camera, you can preorder it for US $111, €76 or £70. Dirk will ship anywhere in the World (and his shipping costs are very reasonable), and payment can be made by credit card through PayPal.

I have no affiliation with Japan Exposures and know them only by reputation. This will be my first purchase from them.

It starts shipping in late October, so I hope to receive mine in early November. Stay tuned!


2 Responses to “Yashica EZ F521 Available for Preorder”

  1. $111 seems like a nice price. Give the somewhat holga-like features, I like to try and imagine what the price would be if the Lomo Society had been doing the importing.

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