Speeding Up for a While

by Miserere


After a lot of dancing behind Paris Hilton, I now have buns of steel™, and having emptied my mind of any serious thought over the last weeks (or any thought at all, really), I am now ready to begin thinking about photography once again. Hooray!

While I’m not promising a-post-a-day, I will definitely be posting regularly. I also have some interesting guest posts lined up.

Stay tuned!




PS: To those of you who kept visiting the blog during my absence, I want to thank you for your patience. And thanks for the encouraging messages while I was away 🙂

9 Responses to “Speeding Up for a While”

  1. It is important that you don’t promise yourself or your readers anything. A post a day may put you right into lacking sleep and time for photography and your precious time with friends and family. I would take the approach of not setting any damn stringent goal and keep it fun as much as you can.

    I know you are a goal setting guy that I can learn from but goals sometime freeze us from creativity which only comes when we find it ‘FUN’ to add another blog post.

    We blog not because of our previous mindset for goals. We blog because we find it fun to do. It may be dangerous as we are bound to get bored at some moments, for that, you have community and guest bloggers signed up to fill in your shoes. And if you need a guest blogger, you know where to look — the Pentaxian joker Jay Leno Not Yoda meets Pentax — Swear No More 102

    • Hin,

      I wrote: I’m not promising a-post-a-day. This means…I am NOT promising a-post-a-day 😀

      But I don’t want to go weeks without blogging, either. I’ll find a sweet spot somewhere in between.


  2. So are you saying you’ve found a sweet spot dancing behind Paris Hilton?

    Or that “a-post-a-day” is not promising enough?


  3. Wow, ETL is back–it takes me back to those halcyon days of my youth! ;~)

  4. Great to see you resurrected from the dead. 🙂 I look forward to meeting up with you next week. Perhaps we can do a ”HOLLYWOOD” tour and when we get to the Paris Hilton’s house perhaps you can be the tour guide? 😉

  5. haha. 🙂 Buns of steel is the shizznitz.

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