Who Watches the Watchmen Photographer?

by Miserere


Clay Enos - Watchmen: PortraitsEven though I am not a dedicated comic follower, I still fondly remember the hours I spent as a child, hidden away in my room reading Spiderman and Batman comics. I also had a large collection of 2000 A.D., which fellow Brit readers might remember. As I grew up, other activities required my time, but my love for the characters that inhabited those comic book worlds did not fade and I always looked forward to any new film based on a comic superhero. Most of the time I was met with disappointment, but every now and again a director who truly understands the comic will take the helm and create a memorable movie.

I think this is what happened with Watchmen, the seminal graphic novel by writer Alan Moore and illustrator Dave Gibbons, directed for the big screen by Zack Snyder.

I confess that while I knew about the book well before the film (surely the blood-stained smiley face is embedded in most people’s consciences), I didn’t read it until after I saw the film. This was a purposeful decision, as I wanted to see the film with fresh eyes, and then delve even further into the story by reading the book.

But it is the imagery of the movie that this post is about, this being a photography blog and all. I was blown away by the camera work in the film, most of which was inspired by the comic illustrations themselves. Moving images created from static ones, and an imaginary, alternative reality brought to life through the talents of many artists (not least of which Larry Fong, director of photography).

To come full circle and return the flesh and bone characters to the confines of 2-dimensionality, Zack Snyder hired New York photographer Clay Enos. Mr Enos had the enviable task of being on the set of Watchmen during production of the movie, with the job of documenting the process through his photography. While doing this, he conceived of a personal project photographing the characters in between takes. 220 of these photographs have now been published as a book, Watchmen: Portraits. Mr Enos has kindly made some of these available on his website.

The stark, contrasty B&W, likely inspired by Rorschach and the inherent dichotomies that support the story, works marvellously well in Mr Enos’s capable hands. I could keep on going, but I suggest you just enjoy the view.

Clay Enos - Watchmen: Portraits (Malin Akerman as Silk Spectre II)

All photos: ©Clay Enos.


2 Responses to “Who Watches the Watchmen Photographer?”

  1. I read an article about these shots and it also interviewed the actors and actresses… the lady in the above shot said how she hated to get into that thing cause of how it felt and how long it took… but I for one appreciate her effort. I’m just saying, the texture and color is perfect for a black and white shot 😉

  2. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my reader.

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