Photo Walk – Charlottetown PEI Edition 2009

by Peter Zack

Scott Kelby’s Photo Walk Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, Canada, edition. This article will be different than my usual submissions. Normally it’s written and proof read, changed and sometimes after reading it several times tossed in the bin. The others are posted on ETL.

Make sure you check back and go to the bottom of this page for any updates. There will be a few over the next ten days or so and then we’ll have a seperate article to highlight the winners.

This will be an evolving article to a certain degree. I expect Miserere’s will be similar. I’ve invited the 50 participants in our walk to submit photos and we’ll create a Flickr gallery of the Charlottetown ‘walkers’. I also hope the group sends in a few stories to add to the article.

Scott Kebly's World Wide Photo Walk
I liked the grunge look of this spot. A building that needed repair but someone has decided to make this stark looking area a summer sitting spot.

So our walk started on the Charlottetown waterfront at Confederation Landing Park near Peake’s Quay, a local hot spot on the weekends. I arrived around 6 AM, hoping to find some sleeping party-goer, passed out near the bar. Start the day off with a funny shot of last nights festivities. Alas nothing like that anywhere.

The leader of our group, Stephen DeRoches, –thank you Stephen for making this a fun event and having it go smooth as silk, sent out 3 possible meeting times earlier on with a note “I must admit, I was concerned scheduling early would mean nobody would go but at the moment, most are favoring earlier the better…” The first idea was to meet at 5:30 to start walking. Stephen didn’t need to be concerned, it was a ‘sell-out’ with 50 shooters. For me, being a wedding shooter, this was going to be a long day, as I had a wedding later that day and would get home at 11:00PM. So eventually a compromise was reached and we started at 6:30. People began arriving around 5:30 AM hoping to get a sunrise but alas, most of the east coast of North America was either covered in dark cloud or rain. We got the dark cloud and realized that this was going to be a high ISO shoot for at least the first hour.

Other than us milling around, we were alone. But we did attract the attention of the police. They cruised us repeatedly to see what was going on. Next time just roll the window down and ask. No bad intentions here.

So all the participants wandered in on time for 6:30, we reviewed the ‘rules’ and took a group shot. It’s tougher to get 50 photographers together for a group shot than any other type of group. We just like to hide behind our viewfinders. So shot taken, 6:30 hits and the group scatters in various directions along the general route. Most people shot in pairs or small groups. I could see some shooters just discussing gear and not really doing much shooting. Photographers are like golfers in this regard, there’s always a longer ball or straighter shooting club to discuss and buy. When it comes to being a gear head. I’m the worst offender. I think most of us took around 100+ shots. Mine was 167 for the 2 hours. Some deleted on the spot! There were some very high end cameras and some small point & shoot cameras. It was all good and I think from comments heard at the wrap up breakfast, everyone had fun.

I’ll add more in the coming days but will post this one shot from my camera that day. Actually 2 shots…
World Wide Photo Walk Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby's World Wide Photo Walk

These ladies were lovely. They heard about the photo walk and decided to get dressed in costume. They made the dresses themselves and just wanted to be available for us to shoot. They walked around some of the historic parts of Charlottetown and made themselves completely available to us. Wonderful people. I never got their names but hope they see this and send me an email. Thank you so much for being fun and getting dressed up.

More photos and stories to come. You can also follow the Twitter feed of sites across the planet that joined in. Twitter

Cheers and good shooting –Peter Zack


Update number 1: Stephen (our tireless leader) posted some shots and thoughts here.   For you Charllottetown walkers. you might spot yourself in one of his shots.


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  1. Great shooting Peter!…I will look forward to seeing the Flicker page when up…Well done my friend!

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