Photo Walk – Boston (Financial District) Edition 2009

by Miserere


NEW: I’ve created a discussion thread for all Boston Photo Walks within the EtL Flickr Group. If you participated in this, or any other Boston Photo Walk, please consider adding some photos to the group and discussing your experiences.


Make sure you check out Peter Zack’s Photo Walk report from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Peter should be starting a separate discussion on the EtL Flickr group soon.

Since this was a photo walk, not a chat walk, I’ve decided to skip the prose and simply post some of the pictures I took. Nonetheless, I do want to thank Michele Peterson for organising the Boston – Financial District photo walk, and Gary Hoyt for leading it when Michele was unable to due to a last-minute emergency. Thanks also to all the nice, chatty and friendly photographers I met; it was a pleasure walking, talking and taking photos with (and of!) you. I hope to see many of you soon!

Somehow, my friend and I managed to get there early, well before the 9:00 meeting time. Seemed like a good time to take the first pic of the day.

Miserere - Scott Kelby's Photo Walk Boston

Photographers praying to Our Lady of Perpetual Construction that we may be spared of rain. (We were.)
Miserere - Scott Kelby's Photo Walk Boston

Gary takes the group photo. Hopefully I’ll get that photo at some point.
Miserere - Scott Kelby's Photo Walk Boston

And after the group photo, The Walk was officially started. Click on the photos for larger versions.

Miserere - Scott Kelby's Photo Walk Boston

Thanks to Greg for the idea on the following photo. Maybe he’ll post a link to his version and we can compare our different approaches.
Miserere - Scott Kelby's Photo Walk Boston

Miserere - Scott Kelby's Photo Walk Boston

Miserere - Scott Kelby's Photo Walk Boston

Yes, she’s silver!
Miserere - Scott Kelby's Photo Walk Boston

Miserere - Scott Kelby's Photo Walk Boston

Miserere - Scott Kelby's Photo Walk Boston

Miserere - Scott Kelby's Photo Walk Boston

Miserere - Scott Kelby's Photo Walk Boston

The end of the Photo Walk! Outside Boston’s Beer Works, a few weary photographers compare notes before going in for some well-deserved food and drink.
Miserere - Scott Kelby's Photo Walk Boston

Not that the intrepid photographers were out of danger!
Miserere - Scott Kelby's Photo Walk Boston

Which is why some didn’t take their cameras off, even to eat.
Miserere - Scott Kelby's Photo Walk Boston

But not everyone had the same priorities.
Miserere - Scott Kelby's Photo Walk Boston

And that’s it from me! But if you still want to see more photos I took, they are all here.


12 Responses to “Photo Walk – Boston (Financial District) Edition 2009”

  1. localdrivinglessons Says:

    very nice creativity , i can see you in the lens, good work i like it .

  2. localdrivinglessons Says:

    nice photos .

  3. Mis, nice work and looks like something I missed out on. I especially liked your silver lady. Amazing composition and capture. On a second note, your Picasa album was very nice and for some reason the pictures look much sharper and crisper there..Bravo!

    • Javier,

      Thanks for the compliments. I thought you might enjoy them because I focused on people as much as possible (which is your speciality).

      As for the pics on Picasa, are you looking at the full-size versions on both sites? I have them up side by side on my computer and they look exactly the same. However, if you are looking at the reduced size versions, then maybe there are differences in how WordPress and Picasa display them.

  4. This sounds like a great idea! I live in Boston, and am just now getting into photography! How did you guys come together for this, and if there are future walks, how can I find out about them?

  5. @David – Are you on flickr? If so there might be a local Boston group that might do walkabouts. Here in Raleigh, NC we have one that is quite active and regularly post small (or large) get togethers. It was the best way I got to learn about the place and have an excuse to shoot!

    Great images Mis, I like the hula hoop lady, the silver lady, and the image of the building right above her… great b&w work as always!

  6. Was there a walk about in L.A.? That would be something. Lots to choose from.

  7. @Somanna

    I recently joined flickr, so I’m not too used to how groups interact. A search for “Boston” gives me more than a few groups with >1000 members… is there any way to decide which ones are worth joining? Also, how do group dynamics usually work – do the members just post pictures, and people give feedback, etc?

    Thanks the help, though, everyone!

  8. @David:
    Usually if you look at the group’s threads you can see how active they are. Whether the last time someone posted something was 2 months ago or 2 days ago. I’m sure out of all the groups there are plenty that are “dead”. Here my Raleigh group has a 1003 members, but only a handful of us are active; ie posting threads or feedback. The majority of users just flood the pool with their shots.
    It does help to post shots into the group, to get views, but you can always just start a simple thread saying which area you’re at (since Boston is huge!) and looking forward to meet anyone. The more you post threads and try and offer feedback, the more you’ll get back is kinda the way flickr groups work.
    Some groups are just photos, and I just post them and don’t do anything much, such as the food groups, yum!
    (my flickr address shows up if you hover over my name here, if you’re interested)

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