Marc Langille: Fall 2009 Photography Workshop in Utah

by Miserere


Marc LangilleLandscape and wildlife photography Marc Langille, who you may remember from this interview, tells me that he has organised a couple of workshops during the month of September 2009. The first will take place from the 17th to the 20th of Sept. and has two spots left open. The second is still filling up and is planned for the following week, 24th to the 27th of Sept. All information can be found here.

The workshops will take place in Torrey, Utah, which is right beside Capitol Reef National Park, sandwiched between Dixie National Forest and Fishlake National Forest. If you followed those links, I dare you to not want to go. And Marc has timed the first workshop to coincide with the likeliest time for Fall Colours to be at their peak best.

For those not familiar with Marc, he is an award-winning photographer who excels at outdoor photography. You can browse his gallery here; I happen to love his hummingbirds, but couldn’t help posting further down his photo of two elk males fighting in the early morning mist.

The workshops will center around landscape photography, but there is likely to be plenty of local fauna around to satisfy those wildlife photographers out there. Luckily, Marc is an expert at both, so no matter what you find, Marc can provide you with knowledgeable advice on how to best photograph it.

I’m off to see how many air miles I have and whether they’ll take me all the way to Utah!


Marc Langille - Elk

©Marc Langille


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