F-BoM July 2009: PhotoCritic

by Miserere


Featured Blog of the Month: PhotoCritic


PhotoCritic 00

When he’s not riding around Europe on his self-painted yellow motorbike, or setting up his own editorial consulting business, Haje runs PhotoCritic, his blog. And when he has free time, I believe he takes some photographs. That’s what he claims, anyway.

PhotoCritic 01

His blog has been up since 2005, so if nothing else the guy is persistent. He writes about whatever tickles his photographic fancy, and also features articles by other photographers. Did you know he wrote a book about macro photography? Well now you do. He’s also edited a few photography books in his other free time (c’mon, the guy must have at least two sets of free times!).

The following portrait caught my attention months ago, so much so that I went fishing in his Flickr stream and eventually found it. Anybody agree with me on it?

PhotoCritic 02

Apparently, “Haje” means “dances with sheep” in Dutch (Haje was born in Holland), which explains the following photo from a wedding shoot.

PhotoCritic 03

PhotoCritic 05Something that doesn’t come across on the internet is just how nice Haje actually is. For example, when a friend needed someone to photograph her fashion designs, Haje immediately stopped everything he was doing and gave up his (third set?) of free time to shoot his friend’s clothes. It is not every photographer who would have done this! (See right –>)

I’m showing the last photo for a number of reasons. 1) It turns out that Haje has time (we’re no longer surprised) to shoot concerts, and he keeps a site on it, 3Songs.org; 2) I love B&W concert photography (see here!); 3) It’s a cool photo; and 4) I happen to like the Norwegian band Tristania. The photo shows their previous singer, Vibeke Stene.

PhotoCritic - Tristania

All photos: ©Haje Jan Kamps.


3 Responses to “F-BoM July 2009: PhotoCritic”

  1. Well it sounds like he has a good life going for himself. Generosity always will trump greed. He does do amazing portraits too. The redhead one is gorgeous. nice find 🙂

  2. I’ve had the priviledge of working with Haje and he’s every bit as nice as this post suggests 🙂

  3. I like the diversity that seems to be going on here. Very good showcase.

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