New Samsung M8910 Pixon12 Cameraphone Is Better than Canon 350D (Digital Rebel XT)

by Miserere


Or at least, that what the guys at GSM Arena are claiming. Check out Page 2 of their preview. They’re even using this photo comparison as proof (click for larger size):

Samsung M8910 Pixon12 vs Canon 350D Digital Rebel XT

Photo credit: GSM Arena

Samsung M8910 Pixon12It makes me wonder exactly what type of vegetation they are growing in that arena… In case you’re wondering, the Canon 350D was fitted with a Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 at 28.8mm. No mention of what apertures they used or whether it’s the new OS version or the older non-OS. I suppose details don’t matter when you’re trying to prove that a camera phone is just as good as a DSLR.

I was going to go on a verbal tirade explaining why 12MP on a camera phone is a bad idea, but I don’t have time to waste on these things. It’s not like anyone is going to agree and write Samsung telling them they’re idiots. And I’m sure the engineers at Samsung know it’s dumb anyway, but cameraphones aren’t designed by engineers—they’re designed by the marketing department. 12MP is so much better than 8MP (because it’s a higher number, right?) that nobody will buy the Nokia N86. In the end it’s the consumer who loses.


6 Responses to “New Samsung M8910 Pixon12 Cameraphone Is Better than Canon 350D (Digital Rebel XT)”

  1. Indeed it is the consumers who loose. I wish the megapixel race was dead and gone, but it isn’t. And that is the really sad part of this whole thing.

    Makes me wonder, if by the same logic you could claim that this phone in question is twice as good as my 6 megapixel Pentax DSLR.

  2. Thanks Mis. I for one have been looking for a better camera phone. I was considering the new 3mp I phone that just came out, but I am not impressed by the images that have come out of my daughters (she was one of the million who got one when they came out) phone. I think my blackberry’s 2 mp is better and that is nothing to brag about. I will read the posted article and see. I know that Samsung makes some pretty good stuff, so we will see.
    Thanks again and keep writing!

  3. Wow, Seriously! I think Canon should self destruct itself for producing low level product for the past 2 years!

  4. It appears that some of the latest phone cams are using sensors of a similar size to that of the average P&S, so the results from this new Samsung are not at all surprising to me… And my experience is that a DSLR with a wide zoom can be matched (or bettered…) by a decent P&S for low-ISO wide-angle scenic shots.

    Personally, this year I’ve decided to ditch the DSLR for travel/social snaps, partly after the annoyance of lugging one around last summer… For me, it’s just not worth the hassle, and I’m happy with the results I’m getting from my P&S cams.

  5. BTW, here’s a geeky tech link with details of some of Sony’s recent sensors for mobiles:

  6. Sadly, p&s sensors are shrinking to the size of mobile phone sensors. According their “test”, the A620 is also a better choice than a 350D, probably the best of the “test” group. Who needs resolution when you can just dial up the sharpening, anyway?

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