Worldwide Photo Walk – Hosted by Scott Kelby

by Peter Zack


Scott Kelby, who writes the excellent how-to books on shooting and photo editing, is hosting his second annual Worldwide Photo Walk. At the time of this writing, 549 cities are joining in. In my city, Charlottetown, were going out at 6:30 AM for the 2 hour documentation of our area on July 18th. David duChemin who was profiled here on this site (Shedding the light on David duChemin) is the Canadian national organizer.

Scott Kelby Photo walk

There are prizes for the best photo from your group and an overall prize of a Wacom Tablet, Abobe creative suite and 2 tickets to Adobe Photoshop world. You can see the link to the site here:  Worldwide Photo Walk. It’s a simple concept, photographers join the group in their city and go out for 2 hours to document their area. The leader of the group picks a winning shot from the group and that person wins one of Scott’s books. Those winners have their image sent on to pick an overall winner. But it’s more about meeting people who share this passion in your home town and enjoying a few hours with the camera.  There’s a map of all the cities currently listed to find a group in your area. So you might have an opportunity to meet photographers in your home town. If your city is not on the list, you can get set up to organize your own walk. Check the site for details.

So I hope lots of you join in and enjoy meeting photographers in your area. You can check the site for links to Flickr gallery’s of shots from last year and the winning shots. Some great stuff there. Last year there were 236 cities involved and 1,017,125 shots were taken. I’m sure this year it will be more than double that number.

Cheers and good shooting –Peter Zack


8 Responses to “Worldwide Photo Walk – Hosted by Scott Kelby”

  1. Very cool, Peter! This walk is a lot more popular than some may think; I checked out Boston and 2 out of the 3 organised walks were already fully booked. I suggest people hurry to sign up for their local walks. And if you live somewhere remote with no walk…become an walk leader and organise one yourself!

  2. ll_cOFfeE_lP Says:

    Best wishes on the walk Peter! I’m going to be joining the one in Hamilton, Ontario with my wife. Have fun!


  3. It should be fun and maybe we can have our readers post some of their pics to share on the ETL Flickr page. Anyone interested?

  4. Hi there,

    The Worldwide Photo Walk is sure to be epic. I work for Peachpit Press and thought you and your readers would like to know that David duChemin has a special podcast series in the works where he gives his own personal feedback on YOUR photos. You can submit them through flickr and, if chosen, he’ll let you know what he thinks! More info can be found here:

    The episodes are now available on Peachpit TV and you can view them here:

  5. I would like to sign up for the walk in Charlottetown, PE on July 18th but I am unable to locate the sign up page?

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