Recommended Wedding Photographer

by Miserere


Christian, of 404 not found blog, pointed me to this wedding photographer, and I thought I would recommend him to you. If you are getting married in the Lynchburg, VA area you might want to contact him, although I’m sure he’s prepared to travel by bus if you’re getting married elsewhere.

Here is his ad as it was posted on his local CraigsList.

Craigslist Wedding Photographer Advert

Addendum: I hope everyone understands that this is not a real ad (at least I hope it wasn’t!). It was probably placed by a real wedding photographer who was trying to make a point through satire. There is a reason professional photographers charge what they do, and this fake ad should steer people away from the amateurs who think they can shoot a wedding just because they have a camera. Start reading Peter Zack’s Wedding Photography article series if you want to understand what it takes.


4 Responses to “Recommended Wedding Photographer”

  1. OMG, This had me

  2. This ad also ended up on the NJ Craigslist recently. And then someone posted a response here

  3. Sam, I see these everywhere these days. They are trying to prove a point I guess. I wonder if I ran one in my market, would I get any clients?

    Kinda fun and kinda sad at the same time.

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