Learn to Love Your Noise

by Miserere


Ctein - Noise Is Your FriendSensor noise, that is.

In his latest article, Noise Is Your Friend, master photographer/geek/printer Ctein explains why a little bit of noise in your sensor is just what the doctor ordered. And the image on the right holds the key to your noisy heart.


4 Responses to “Learn to Love Your Noise”

  1. Mis, true that a little bit of noise actually adds great sentiment to photographs

    I do not like squeaky clean images most of the time where it would appear to be bland and plasticky

    • Well James, the point of the article goes way beyond aesthetic considerations, showing that in order for an image to be “clean”, it actually has to have a certain amount of noise. If it didn’t have noise it would look unnatural to us. How’s that for irony!? 😆

  2. That is indeed ironic and even a bit humorous in a nerdy kind of way.

  3. Sune / Jonson PL Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, about the article. Interesting for sure.

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