New “What the Duck” Book Available

by Miserere


WTD - A W.T. Duck CollectionIf you’ve ever looked at EtL’s blogroll, you should have seen the link to What the Duck, an online cartoon of a photographer duck. No matter whether you’re a professional or an amateur, you will see yourself reflected in many of the situations born of Aaron Johnson’s fertile imagination. And let’s face it, at what other time in your life can you identify yourself with a duck?

Aaron Johnson did not ask me to write this post advertising the latest What the Duck book; I am simply happy to endorse a product I believe in. Do you have a photographer friend or relative who doesn’t spend much time on the internet? Then 128 pages of Duck photography adventures would make the perfect gift! Or maybe you should just buy it for your spouse/significant-other as a joke present…but then steal it for yourself!

The book, titled What the Duck: A W.T. Duck Collection, is now available for preorder here at Amazon (with a 20% discount off the release price!).

I will now end this post because I have to place my preorder.

PS: If you want Aaron’s first book, which includes all the strips from the first year of What the Duck, you can find it on Lulu: What the Duck, Rule of Nerds. And don’t forget to check out What the Duck’s YouTube channel.


One Response to “New “What the Duck” Book Available”

  1. I’ve read a couple of those comics and I’ve found them hilarious. It’s good stuff!

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