F-BoM May 2009: Pixelated Image

by Miserere


Featured Blog of the Month: Pixelated Image


Some people like writing, some prefer taking photographs. Some like both. Vancouver based David duChemin is one of the latter. From his e-soapbox at Pixelated Image he talks (writes!) about Passion, Vision, Dreams, Hope and, every now and again, Photography.

Dave duChemin

With passport stamps from countries in 5 different continents, travel photographer just doesn’t do him justice. It would be like saying Ayrton Senna was a pretty good chauffeur. David doesn’t travel to take photos—I believe he travels to see…and taking photos is his way of making us see with him.

Dave duChemin

David is also a teacher, offering workshops in places as far flung as Ladakh (which is in Northern India, in case you’re wondering). But if you ask him, I think he would tell you he’s a humanitarian photographer, which is not a term you hear often. I was attracted to his work for World Vision, a charity organisation that my wife introduced me to as she has been sponsoring children through them for almost a decade. I have leafed through many of their brochures, never knowing that some of the touching, respectful photographs I was seeing had been shot by David. I’d like to think he appreciates this serendipity.

Dave duChemin

Make sure you check out his website too.

My interview with David duChemin.

All photos: ©David duChemin.


2 Responses to “F-BoM May 2009: Pixelated Image”

  1. Simply very interesting images in deed. The local lifestyle are very well captured.

  2. Another brilliant article and of course could not help notice the mention of my all time favorite driver, ”Senna” or simply ”Ayrton”………

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