When Photoshop Is Done Right

by Miserere


Note: To fully appreciate the photos in this article, please click on them to open up larger versions.

We’ve all seen them, pictures that have been saturated, HDR’d, stitched or airbrushed beyond recognition; sometimes even having all these actions perpetrated against them, such that all that remains of the original photograph are a few lost pixels on the periphery. It’s a free World (well, almost) and it’s your image, so you can do with it what you wish. Just don’t expect others to necessarily like it.

Peter Funch - Babel Tales: Screaming DreamerScreaming Dreamer

Once in a while I stumble upon a photographer who is able to use Photoshop techniques to the benefit of his art, rather than to its detriment. Peter Funch is such a photographer. In his series Babel Tales, Mr Funch shows us how he sees New York and its inhabitants. And what a view it is. With a great eye for magic corners and light, and a feather-light use of Photoshop, Mr Funch recreates scenes that are real…yet somehow not quite.

Peter Funch - Babel Tales: Secure SanctuarySecure Sanctuary

Much like Escher, he shows people marching around, and everything looks normal—until you pay closer attention. At this point you are hooked by Mr Funch’s magic.

Peter Funch - Babel Tales: Informing InformersInforming Informers

Of course, it is entirely possible that no stitching has taken place and that Mr Funch sat on a street corner for hours just waiting for every pedestrian to jump at the same time…but I doubt it. Whatever the case may be, it has no influence over the images themselves—they portray what they portray, which is Mr Funch’s vision, and that’s all I care about. It’s Art, period.

Catch the rest of the Babel Tales series at Peter Funch’s website, together with some of his other work. Or you may simply wish to start the Babel Tales slide show by clicking here.

Peter Funch - Babel Tales: Exigent State LowExigent State Low

All photos: ©Peter Funch.


3 Responses to “When Photoshop Is Done Right”

  1. I am not a huge fan of photoshop when it comes to photography, I am a firm believer of learning the craft (which I will for my lifetime) and that little post editing should be done. On that note, you have found a photographer that has done an amazing job enhancing his art with it, in a way I have found interesting and thought provoking.

  2. Excellent stuff. In fact one of the most enjoyable articles on this marvelous site. I will be sure and post this link in some street sites I frequent. Here you have a photographer who knows the area he shoots in and is comfortable. He used many of the same streets, yet captured vastly different scenes. It was also re freshening to see color being used in street that is not exaggerated. It looks like these where all shot by film to me.
    Great stuff!

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