Funny Time-Lapse Video

by Miserere


I haven’t watched such an entertaining time-lapse video since this one. But the one I’m bringing you today is somewhat more complicated and ingenious. I’ll say no more, just watch it! Without further ado:

A Wolf Loves Pork

Thanks to Ed Zawadzki for bringing this video to my attention.


6 Responses to “Funny Time-Lapse Video”

  1. Now that’s what I call “Patience”.

    Whoever did this has a lot of imagination.

  2. This is simply incredible and amazing. How many photos did he print to get this video happening?

  3. WOW – amazing! The level of planning and execution is astounding.

  4. Just today I saw this video and then read your blog entry. Memes… it’s all about memes.

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