Lighting Modifiers 101 – Studio Lighting

by Peter Zack


Model Photo courtesy Don Kittle

Don Kittle used the winter months well to learn more about studio lighting. He’s taken several basic setups and provided some great examples of how each light will affect the image. I think Don has provided a valuable resource for those trying to decide what to buy when getting started in this area or what to add to an existing kit. This blog article isn’t meant to be completely comprehensive but simply a great starting off point. For those looking for even more than this, you may want to visit Strobist, which is a great site for all things lighting.

Don used a Nikon D700 camera, a pair of Pentax AF540FGZ flashes and Flashwaves wireless triggers. I’ll add a little plug for the FlashWaves. I’ve used them myself for 2 years while shooting weddings and they have been excellent for off-camera strobe triggering.

Visit Don’s blog to see the entire series of results and test shots. Click on the images there to see full sized images that will show you the effects of each lighting setup used.

You can see some of Don’s work here.

Photo courtesy Don Kittle

Cheers and good shooting –Peter Zack


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