Landscape Phtography in the Dark

by Miserere


I recently spent two nights taking landscape shots under Moon-lit skies. It’s more fun than you might think, and quite a challenge. I started to write down my thoughts about it to post at a later date when all the postprocessing was done, and in the meantime I looked around to see what tips and advice I could find on the internet. Well lo and behold, Michael Reichmann at The Luminous Landscape read my mind and published an article 2 days ago by Peter Cox on this very subject. I thought you’d like to read it:

An Irish Nocturne – by Peter Cox


3 Responses to “Landscape Phtography in the Dark”

  1. Though he is a good writer, I feel that his image lacks the contrast and the punch I prefer. The colour is typically flat from 5D rendering.

    I suspect that the image is post processed in a way that ingratiates canon user perspective

  2. Thanks for the link Miserere. I’ll have to agree with roentarre that the article was well written and informative but his photo lacks some real punch. It did have a few pointers I hadn’t found anywhere else on the web like using the test shots to focus and compose.

    I can’t however agree that there is a “Canon look”…

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