How Often Do You Replace Your Camera?

by Miserere


I would be very interested in having every reader fill out this poll. And if you could pass it on to your photographer friends, that would be even better. The more people reply to the poll, the better statistics we’ll have.

In case you’re wondering, it’s completely anonymous, so nobody will know what reply you entered, but the results are public.

If you own more than one camera, then consider only your main, most-used camera. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a P&S, a (D)SLR or a phone camera, as long as it’s your main camera. And please note that if you check the 5th box, and only if you’ve checked the 5th box, you’ll have to take the second poll.

Thanks for your help!


17 Responses to “How Often Do You Replace Your Camera?”

  1. Since I’ve gone K100D>K10D>K20D in the last two years, I had to vote “next model” but past performance is no guarantee of future behavior, as they say. While I may be predisposed to this impulsive pattern, I have no philosophic commitment to it. I suspect upgrading patterns–particularly among enthusiasts– are highly subject to situational factors (such as fund availability.)

  2. I will admit to a bit of gear-head behavior. I said ‘next model’ too (Pentax *ist DS2/K10D/K20D) but I think the trend is more like 1 1/2 models. I bypassed K100D and K20D waited quite a while after introduction. My behavior is likely to be influenced by the desire to have an ‘advanced’ small body though–if Pentax does come out with a baby-K20D or MX-D or the like that would get me excited sooner. A K30D would likely wait a quite while until price drops like with K20D. In general though as the camera makers get more stuff “right” like with K10D the interest in upgrading wanes considerably.

  3. Next model here too.

  4. After I got tired of my compact I bought a ‘bridge’ camera, namely the Canon S2 IS Powershot. Later I evolved and decided to buy the Pentax K100D which I have stuck with since.

  5. What a funny survey… I have a load of cameras – about 15 of them – but, had to answer “5” because not one of them was actually a replacement for the others…

    I had the k1000 for about 25 years. sticking to Pentax – my next one came with the K10d (almost 2 years ago). I didn’t get rid of my k1000… and lately with the collection of lenses, bodies have come with them – I now have a Praktika, 2 spotmatics, a H3V? and a Pz-1. None of them replace each other – but they do seem like nice additions – I just wish I used them all. 🙂

    • Oh… unless you consider that the replacements are a switch between camera systems. This could be considered a relevant change for me … because about 10 years ago I bought a Canon and a few years after that a Nikon… Would they have ‘replaced’ my K1000 Pentax?

  6. Now, Now, Don’t be a hater….

    😉 I know you’re still living vicariously through me… you gotta’ be, cause otherwise all those months WITHOUT lens shopping would be driving you CRAZY.

  7. I’m not sure if replace fits to describe my purchase pattern. I buy a camera and by two models later there are enough improvements in the camera to buy a new body. I keep the older body and use it for bad weather work and places where it might be stolen. As I work with smaller prints more megapixels are not the primary reason for a purchase.

    • As I say in the post, the question refers to your main camera. If you buy a new one, but keep the old one for stunt work, your main camera will now be the new one. Unless you mostly shoot stunt work 🙂

  8. I buy camera’s when I wreck the one I’m using. And I have owned about 6 or 7 very good cameras in my life.

    I have only ever bought one brand new camera in 30 years of very keen amateur photography, and that was when I went digital and bought a Pentax k10 which will be used until it drops.
    The camera is a tool, the picture is important.


  9. ‘Replace’, never. ‘Upgrade’ (supplement), whenever it seems right. I keep most older cams and usable lenses.

    Back when I did film, I bought cams that appealed to me, and kept using them until they were stolen or I gave up on darkrooms. Since going digital, I’ve slowly upgraded Sony PNS’s: DSC-P20 (1mp), DSC-V1 and -P10 (5mp), DSC-W7 (8mp), these latter two for my wife. I love the V1 so much, I’ve worn out (broken) two and am still actively using the third. Other PNS upgrades: an 8mp Olympus 770-SW (for getting real wet) and a 5mp Minolta F300 (mod’d for IR).

    My first dSLR is my K20D, almost a year old. I chose it so I *wouldn’t* feel a need to upgrade the body for several years. Instead, I’ve gone lens-crazy, accumulating way too many MFLs. I’m slightly tempted to ‘downgrade’ by adding a K200D or something; and if the K30D is FF and otherwise super-duper, I might be tempted; but those would mainly provide me with a backup body, so I won’t be dead-in-the-water should anything happen to the K20D (shudder).

  10. I’ve never replaced a camera, except my second Pentax S1a. That I replaced with a Spotmatic. Since then, I’ve kept then all. I wouldn’t be without two to use and with me at all times with different lenses. I still shoot some film so I still use some of the older cameras. But most of the time I use a K20d and a K100D. Although, I would prefer that the controls were identical.

  11. I use a Pentax K10D. I have only had that 2 yrs. At the rate technology is moving, the next camera that I buy will probably not be a Pentax. I’m looking at Sony A900 with interest, after hankering for a Nikon F800, but I think I’ll hang on and wait to see what Nikon come up with next…it seems to pay to wait these days when there a matter of 12 months between releases and months between other brand releases!

  12. My main camera from 1977 to 1984 was a KX. From 1984 to 2004 it was an MESuper. From 2004 to 2007 it was an Olympus E20-n (great camera for its time). Since late 2007 it has been a K10D.

    Since about 2003 I have bought, cleaned and sold a number of Spotmatics, K2’s, MX’s and KX’s to play with. My Camera Buying Addiction seems sated for the moment. The original KX, original MESuper and the K10D (my “main camera”) are still here. I did add a Spotmatic F that I plan to keep. It is a screwmount KX and I love it.

    I’ll probably upgrade to a K20D and sell the K10 sometime before summer. The replacement cycle is compressing.

    Now my LENS replacement cycle is a different story!



  14. I bought used k100d super in early 2008 and since then i taught about upgrading but then decided to invest in few old and new lenses. New body won’t make different/better photos then k100 will, just make some situations simpler and more elegant (for my kind of use). In early 2010 i think i’ll upgrade. Maybe.

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