F-BoM March 2009: Captured by Carrie

by Miserere


Featured Blog of the Month: Captured by Carrie


Is it possible for Art to be Cute? If you’ve seen Carrie Sandoval’s work, then your answer will likely be yes. Your see, Carrie’s particular expertise is baby photos! Awwww…

Carrie Sandoval

I don’t have any children, but who doesn’t like cute babies? Carrie certainly does, and her passion and love for her tiny subjects shines through each frame.

Carrie Sandoval

Another reason I like her photography is quite personal. When I was a baby, maybe 5-6 months old, a photographer friend of my parents offered to take some pictures of me and them. Of course, I cannot remember the session, but I have leaved through those photographs many times during my life and I find it a simple, yet warm, deep pleasure to see my parents’ faces as they played with me, or my sincere smile as my mum made funny faces at me. It brings me closer to my parents, and I know they, especially my mum, enjoy looking over these photos too. Those parents who hire Carrie probably don’t realise it yet, but 10, 20, 30 years from now they will be so glad they had those photos taken, and it will be for reasons they cannot yet understand. Their children will also thank them for it.

My interview with Carrie Sandoval.

Carrie Sandoval

All photos: ©Carrie Sandoval.


4 Responses to “F-BoM March 2009: Captured by Carrie”

  1. Definitely art for sure. The photographs carry a sense of peace and inner zen. Very beautiful indeed.

  2. My comment is simply this. Those images are simply amazing. I especially like the third. This is a new to me idea. Thanks Mis!

  3. Great concept. Nice to see something different.

  4. I had the honor and pleasure of working with Carrie to capture my second child as a newborn. He’s now 18 months, and the art she created for us still takes my breath away every time I look at it. I hope that as he grows, he will treasure those images as much as I do.

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