World Press Photo Awards

by Miserere


Thank you to my friend, Ewan, who brought this to my attention. The World Press Photo Awards for 2008 were announced today in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. You can see all the photographs at the World Press Photo site, or see a slide show highlight at The Guardian.

The awards were created in 1955 to support professional press photographers worldwide. This year’s winning images range from the beautiful to the heart-breaking, spanning the wide spectrum of human emotions. Please spend some time looking at them.

Winner in the nature singles category:

Carlos F. Gutierrez - Chaiten Volcano ChileCarlos F. Gutierrez – Chaiten Volcano Chile


Winner of the general news singles category:

Luiz Vasconcelos - Woman in Manaus, BrazilLuiz Vasconcelos
A woman holding her daughter in Manaus, Brazil,
tries to stop the forced eviction of her people


2 Responses to “World Press Photo Awards”

  1. The 2nd shot is such a stellar image. So much story and opinion infused in just one image.

    I am compelled to do something about it after viewing the image.

  2. the second story tells such a dramatic story, yes, sad and somewhat frightening story, but a real story.

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