F-BoM February 2009: Shutterfinger

Featured Blog of the Month: Shutterfinger

Gordon Lewis (Shutterfinger)
Gordon Lewis is a serious, serious man. At least you might get that idea from the photo on his blog. I don’t know him personally, but from his writing I would say he’s certainly serious about his photography. He’s been at this game for decades and, again, judging only from his picture, you might think he’s drunk a few times from the Fountain of Youth—he doesn’t look old enough to know as much as he does.

Gordon Lewis (Shutterfinger)

Shutterfinger is the blog where he dispenses this knowledge, always backed by quality photographs so you know he’s not just making it all up as he goes along. His writing is straight to the point and he tells it like it is. There will be no sugar-coating on Mr Lewis’s watch, but that’s OK, because that’s what his readers like.
Gordon Lewis (Shutterfinger)

The reason I got hooked by Gordon was because of his affinity for shapes and shadows, which I very much share with him. Although I don’t remember him mentioning it, I get the feeling he likes textures, which I adore. Of course, he big, me small, and that’s the attraction: Gordon is a photographer I can learn from. I can find pretty pics on the internet by the bucket-load, but it’s rare that I find pictures I want to study intently because there are lessons within them. He’s also got quite the knack for ye olde street photography, which is a genre I will someday have the courage to attempt.
Gordon Lewis (Shutterfinger)

Shutterfinger has been on EtL’s blogroll since Day 1, but if you’ve overlooked it, now is the time to fix that, and if you want more pictures you can check out Gordon’s gallery here. Pay him a visit and read what he has to say, you might find he’s not that serious after all.

Read our interview with Gordon here.

Gordon Lewis (Shutterfinger)This photo won first prize in the candid/humor category of Popular Photography’s 9th Annual International Photo Contest.

All photos: ©Gordon Lewis.


3 Responses to “F-BoM February 2009: Shutterfinger”

  1. Mis, it has always been a pleasure to read your post like this one.

    The images you selected from his blog is definitely moody and carrying an air about them

    Great angles and interesting position of various elements in the image.

    Thanks for revealing this photographer!

  2. Thanks Mis, I just read through his street section and enjoyed it. I agree with him on the film VS digital thing in that a mechanical camera is easier to capture those shots. I think this is why most street shooters still use mechanical film cameras.
    Thanks again.

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