Welcome to New Contributor Peter Zack!

As many of you might have noticed, yesterday’s article was authored by my good friend Peter Zack. Hailing from the frozen steppes of the Great North, Peter is my go-to guy when I need photographic advice. He was making Daguerreotypes in the Wild West before Billy the Kid got his first gun, so he knows a few things. 😀 He’s now left the dusty plains behind and these days mostly hangs out in churches taking fantastic wedding photos. Please visit his website, PEI Wedding Photography, and take a look. You can also read his profile here.

I am very excited that he has joined EtL and you can look forward to some great articles and tutorials in the weeks and months to come. His first post is a tutorial on shooting sunsets and sunrises, a very common subject matter for amateur photographers the world over, and precisely what got me interested in photography in the first place. I wish I’d known Peter back then!

Now please join me in saying: Welcome, Peter!


5 Responses to “Welcome to New Contributor Peter Zack!”

  1. Wow, now this is a super team! Peter and Mis combined in one!

    Now reading this is very interesting. I will have a read on Peter’s post after my power failure is reversed in the house!

  2. PZ, I’m looking forward to reflecting further on your first light lesson. Learning how to expose low light scenes is quite a challenge for us amatures. 🙂 I don’t know if I’d let our good friend Miserere get away with all those Digs about your ‘advanced’ age – I thought you were only a few years older than him… only middle aged in dog years…

  3. An excellent addition to the site, Mis!

    No doubt, Peter is the perfect “partner in crime” for your weblog. May it prosper under your (plural) care.

  4. There goes the neighborhood! lol

  5. This is great news: two supremely knowledgeable, incisive and helpful commentators joining forces!

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