Lenses Are like Sweets

Photographers love lenses. Sure, we use a camera to take photographs, but it’s lenses that we crave. Lenses are like sweets: First you buy a jar of strawberry sweets and you’re happy to eat one a day. But one day you see that they’re selling the same type of sweets in lemon flavour, so you buy a jar of those. Alternating flavours is nice, but you think that it would be nicer still if you added a third flavour, and so you buy a jar of orange sweets. Before you know it, you look at your shelf and you see it’s full of sweet jars: Strawberry, lemon, orange, apple, plum, mint, raspberry, pineapple… Instead of stopping and asking yourself what all those jars are doing there, and why you never even opened the pineapple jar you bought two months ago, you ask yourself why the sweet company doesn’t make cola flavoured sweets. What’s wrong with them? Isn’t it obvious they should add cola to their line-up?

Sweet Jars...Not Lenses

Image credit: dkfusedglass.com.

β€œYou should enjoy taking photographs a lot more than collecting lenses.”

That’s when you log on to sweetjarsforums.com and start a thread complaining about the lack of cola flavour. Soon you find yourself hanging around that forum complaining about other things, like why the lemon flavour isn’t sour enough, or how the raspberry tastes a bit like blueberry, or how the mint flavour isn’t green enough… And all the while, your sweets remain in their jars, on your shelf, unopened, with nobody to enjoy their taste.

Take the equipment you have, use it, abuse it, push it to its limits, push yourself to your limits, and you’ll derive a lot more pleasure than you will from simply collecting lenses on your shelf.

Don’t be addicted to lenses, be addicted to pictures.


9 Responses to “Lenses Are like Sweets”

  1. Miserere,

    He who has the most toys, wins.

    The camera is the stew, the lenses are the spices. I like mone spicy!

  2. So true, I’ve been trying to fix that idea in mind for the past 2 years. I’ve only added the 85 1.8 to my collection last year and hopping to resist the temptation this year

  3. Miserere,

    Five lenses is reasonable. It should be 5 net purchases. If you sell one lens, it counts for -1. So you can purchase 10 lenses and sell 5 and you will still abode by your New Year’s resolutions. That’s a fair explanation for a spouse, isn’t it?

  4. Mis, a very good article. It is very easy to understand and it is very true.

    Sliming down equipment is something most photographers would do after some time. I tend to buy new lollies though. The craving…. mmmmm

    Still photography is why we buy lenses. Or it really loses the whole point of getting so-called great lenses.

  5. If you need to lose weight, stop using the fisheye lens!

  6. Misere: I love a good analogy!

    I started thinning equipment in September and now I am down to the common lenses that came attached to a camera I wanted – and oddball things. There is actually some rational thought involved in what FL’s are in my bag. I have fewer than three lenses per camera.

    Now if I could just control this addiction to cameras . . . )

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