Safeguard Your Camera by Registering It

You’re walking around town with your spouse, your camera hanging from your shoulder so you can snap some pictures while you both enjoy the sunny Spring day. You come to an outside café and decide to sit down and have something to drink while you chat. Without thinking about it you hang your camera from the chair back and sit down, paying more attention to your drink and your spouse than to the world around you. When the glasses are empty and the conversation has died down you pay the bill and stand up to leave. That’s when your blood goes cold as you realise your camera is nowhere to be seen. You frantically look around you and under the chair and table, but you know the truth: Your camera has been stolen.

This and many similar situations probably take place many times a day all around the World. DSLRs, especially, are very attractive for thieves. Unlike laptop computers they require no passwords, and manuals are easily obtainable on the internet. There’s no way to trace a camera once it’s been taken from your hands.

Until now. offers a free online service allowing you to register your camera’s serial number, so if it gets stolen and the thief tries to sell it, a quick check on the website will tell the potential buyer that this camera is stolen property. You can also register your lenses (which often cost more than the cameras themselves).

The only way this will work is if everyone registers the serial numbers with the site, and if buyers of used equipment use the site before making purchases. I think it’s a great idea, which is why I’m alerting my readers. They also have a classifieds section where you can safely sell and buy photo gear.

But remember, the best insurance is always knowing where your equipment is. Keep it close and hold it tight!


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