Blind Photography

Bob White blind photography

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Deprived of central vision, Bob White depends on his peripheral vision to see the world around him. While legally blind and unable to work or drive a car, he still manages to keep his passion for photography burning bright, albeit with some work-arounds due to his condition.

Read Bob’s inspiring story at


7 Responses to “Blind Photography”

  1. People like him really have enhanced senses to detect the surrounding better. He really makes me re-think about how lucky I am to appreciate the beauty of vision and hopefully a better perspective beyond the sight

  2. I agree with roentarre. And, you have a real sense for broad issues related to photography. I like that we never know what issue you’ll be shedding light on. Nice work!

  3. Simply wow !

  4. Hi. Your site displays incorrectly in Mozilla, but content excellent! Thanks for your wise words:)

  5. dewayne lindsey Says:

    I have known Bob for over 40 years. Nothing he does anymore surprises me!

  6. DeWayne Lindsey Says:

    Bob and I were stationed together in 1967-68 with the 636th Combat Support Group in the Philippines. We became fast friends and have stayed in touch all these years. He was a bit of Photohog back then and always had nice equipment. We use to ride a lot of dirt bikes when I came up to the Ozarks. When Bob’s eyesight began to fail him he would still come out to the woods and visit us. He is a lucky, lucky man to have a wife like Julie.

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