Random Pic of the Day

by Miserere


Shot taken on December 30, 2008. Wow, that was last year! 😀

Winter Abstract ice winter snow cold blueWinter Abstract


4 Responses to “Random Pic of the Day”

  1. Foreground and background blurr creates mythism. The colour management is quite unique that it does look striking. What surface did you photograph on?

  2. This is interesting. I like the jewel colours !

  3. Hmm…is that icy pavement?

  4. Andrew almost got it. It’s ice on a car windshield. As for postprocessing, there is very little, actually; a bit of contrast curve and a slight saturation increase, but much less than you would think. The light was falling on the windshield just right and the sky was blue, so the colours you see reflected really were that intense.

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